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About the Project

Project Objective- To increase the agriculture production of 1,00,000 farmers particularly small & marginal farmers in the rainfed single cropped areas of West Bengal by providing assured irrigation facilities in 75000 ha area.

Implemented By

Water Resources Investigation & Development Department (WRIDD),Government of West Bengal

Districts|Blocks|Villages Covered

22 | 226 | 2348

Project Cost (US$)

205 million (World Bank 155 million,State Share 50 million)

Supported by

World Bank

Project Duration

Jan'12 - Dec'19

Jan'20 - Dec'22 Continued with the State Fund

Hon'ble Chief Minister
Mamata Banerjee
Hon'ble Minister In Charge
Manas Ranjan Bhunia

GIS Initiatives

Inhouse GIS used for planning,implementation and impact assessment.

Fishery as Emerging Enterprise

Introduced and tested various models for fishery practices in different agro-climatic regions.

Plantation Program and Women Involvements

Mix fruit plantation with intercrops in private wasteland implemented through WUAs.

Value Adddition

IoT(Internet of Things), ethical community engagement and protecting endangered species.

Project Components

Strengthening Community Based Institution

Empowering water users associations to operate, maintain the irrigation scheme and water management

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Construction of MI Schemes

Check Dam, Water Detention Structure, Tube well, Dugwell and River Lift Irrigation schemes

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Agricluture Support Services

Facilitating adoption of good practices & appropriate technologies, better crop planning and mobile based advisory services

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Horticulture Support Services

Promoting high value crop production, protected cultivation. Organic practices and mix fruit plantation

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Fisheries Support Services

Demonstrating appropriate ecnomic models for different fish culture and adoption of good practices

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Project Documentation & Management

Developing systems & guidelines and ensuring quality & timely delivery of the project outputs.

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Small & Marginal Farmers
  • Indicators
    Achievents as of 20 December, 2019
  • Relative change in value of produce (%)
  • Change in Cropping Intensity
    From 122% to 192%
  • Water Users-Tribal
  • Water Users-Female
  • Water User-Small & Marginal Farmers
  • Total Water Users

Achievents as of 20 November 2019 |Achievents as of 20 December 2019


Project Area

Physical Progress

Scheme Wise

Critical Blocks



Krishi Katha

Mobile based agriculture advisory services to 96,000+ farmers.

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Women Empowerment

Women Empowerment

Women are actively involved in plantation & fishery initiatives.

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Solar Schemes

Solar Schemes

Reaching in remote areas through solar schemes.

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Case Studies

“Community management of irrigation schemes and agriculture support services makes significant difference- IWMI Study”. Read More

“Rates of agriculture crops are fluctuating but fish rates never comes down”.Case studies developed by the Project team. Read More

“Impact Assessment of WBADMI Project using cloud service based Google earth engine with remote sensing-GIS”. Read More

Awards & Recognitions

Water Digest Award

National Water Award by Govt. of India

Best Water Users Association 2021-2022

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Award Photo Gallery

Different awards and achievement that won by WBADMIP

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Media Coverage

Media coverage along with different scope covered by WBADMIP

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Graphs and Charts

MI Scheme's Dashboard

Type wise HO Schemes

WUA Dashboard

Our Testimonials

See what others have to say about WBADMI Project.

“Results indicate that community involvement in the form of WUAs and agricultural support services will definitely add critical value towards similar minor irrigations schemes of the government”

by International Water Management Institute (IWMI)

Abstract of 3rd Party Impact assessment

“The Project has demonstrated appropriate models for different agro-climatic regions.Use of GIS technology in planning, implementation & impact assessment and Watershed based approach for promotion of different project activities. I have visited many projects around the world and never came across any such integrated & quality work. These works need to be shared across so that others can also be benefited.”

Dr Yoro Sidibe, Water Management Specialist

World Bank Group, Washington DC USA and Team leader for Project Evaluation. (12th Sept 2019)

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